To answer this question accurately is very much kitchen dependent. So, if you have a large and open-planned kitchen then a more neutral or white-based color could work best. Alternatively, if your kitchen is cozier then maybe it would benefit from the warm glow of a vibrant yellow or red. Given our years of experience in all aspects of the kitchen remodeling business, we have seen certain trends come and go in terms of color schemes. Five of the most popular colors that our residential clients have chosen over the years include:


For decades, the cottage pale blue looks adorned walls in kitchens of all sizes in homes across the country. The cloud blue that Holiday First offers provides a powdery shade that can add softness to your kitchen while also being the perfect complement to your dark hardwood floors. This color is perfect for cabinetry but can also be used on walls or even floors.


If you want a color scheme that offers a classic and traditional look while not being as stark or sterile as bright white, then you should strongly consider a traditional cream. This color adds significant warmth to both rustic and modern kitchens alike.


There is no doubt about it, this color scheme isn’t for everyone or every type of kitchen. That being said, this unusual choice carries a certain sophisticated elegance and beauty that is simply not visible in other color or shades. This color is always in style and carries a sophisticated appeal that is very difficult to match.


The old adage goes that if you can’t stand the heat then you need to get out of the kitchen. However, by choosing a cool and refreshing mint color scheme for your kitchen, you can temper some of the heat and vibrancy that is associated with this room easily and effectively. The pastel green is a perfect bright and ambient alternative that should be considered closely.


If there is one word that best sums up the smoky gray kitchens, we offer it is subtlety. The subtle attributes of a smoky gray kitchen can complement both sleek and refined kitchens as well as more traditional and rustic ones.